Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a Busy Month!


It has been awhile since I have posted. I have been to the Norther New Mexico Quilt Fiesta here in Santa Fe, NM. What wonderful quilts that show off the excellent workmanship. Then I went to the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild's annual retreat for some play time.

Last week I took a great class from Kathi Anderson. We the Black eyed Susan Dream Weaver stencil LJ902 (available from Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps) with pewter to make a little purse. The quick method: cut out your metal first, lay it out on the stencil, run the metal/stencil combo trough the die cut machine - use a pad in the sandwich - you aren't cutting the metal, just embossing it. It will take a couple of passes to get all the metal pieces embossed with the design you want. You may use a small piece of removable tape to hold the metal in place, not too much! The tape can emboss the pewter.

Work the metal on both sides to refine the image: pushing out (poofing as I like to call it) the metal from the back, outlining on the front. Add squiggles and lines to round out the design and cover up other scratches on the metal. Lay the pieces on double sided adhesive and then on to the purse. Hook and loop stickers make a great closure. Punch holes and add eyelets, run your strap and add beads! There you are, a quick little evening bag.


  1. Wow Lee! This is there a pattern for the purse portion? Do you sell it at your website? Or does it come with the stencil when you order it? Do you also sell the metal?

  2. Thank you Lynell! Metal is from Merc Art as are the metal tools that we used. Yes, I sell them in Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps! I will check and see if I can post the purse pattern.

  3. Wow Lee this is fantastic, so clever. I have to try working with metal soon.

  4. Oh my GOODNESS Lee...what a FABULOUS creation!! YUM!!!