Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Thursday Dream

Happy New Year Everyone!

Today's Dream Weaver stencil design uses a tag, old dictionary page, Color Box Chalk Inks and Ranger Distress Inks and Ranger Stickles. I used stencil LJ888 to create the tag.

Tear the old page in a random manner. Adhere to the tag. Using Ranger's foam ink applicator, rub on a dark brown color to age the tag and paper.

Tape the tag and stencil down, using your stencil brushes add colors for the flower. I used three shades of pink and purple. For the leaves I used two shades of green.

Add the Stickles on the leaves for a little glitter on the tag.

I love this stencil because it is so easy to use multiple colors and create depth. To me, that is one of the great advantages of stencils, the ability to use many colors and blend them to create looks and layers. In rubber stamping this is a bit more difficult. Check back next Thursday for more ideas on using stencils to create depth.



  1. Very beautiful! Love the colors and the whole thing really!! Great job

  2. Lee...This card is so pretty. I love everything about it, but I really love the stencil, I use this one alot. The soft look just screams Spring.

  3. do this shading sooo beautifully! And I love how it looks on that paper, so delicate. Thank you for feeding my stenciling senses today!

  4. Aww, how soft and lovely. It has a real romantic feel to it--almost more romantic than all the heart ones we posted!

  5. What a beauty Lee!!! This is fabulous!!! I hope you are having a good day!!

  6. Just beautiful. I love all things Tim Holtz, Ranger products and Dreamweaver products. Some would say these things don't work well together but you have proved them wrong! Very creative.

  7. Hi Lee, I love your tags. I just read that you make 100s. OK what do you do with them? I love them but I have to know what people do with them. They look like a blast to make. I am all about that. I just like to know what to do with stuff after I make it.
    I have a blog and would love to have you visit.

  8. Hi Linda

    I give many away to customers who come in the store so they have something to work from. I now use tags in place of regular cards, writing notes on the back.