Monday, June 28, 2010

New to the blogosphere!

Hi Everyone!
At long last I have jumped in and started this blog. I will endeavor to keep up with things happening in the stamping world. I am on the Dream Weaver Dream Team and will share with you the creations that I come up with along with instructions.
I have added two tags the one with the blue ribbon, the back ground was ink picked up from a craft sheet. The images were then stenciled on with Ranger Distress Ink. The orange ribbon tag, I added the ink background with an ink applicator. Then the images were stenciled on with Dream Weaver Stencils.
As you may know we are tag happy at Guadalupe's. I carry small tags around with me that are stamped and decorated. They are the best thank you notes that I leave with exceptional wait staff in restaurants, customer service locations, with someone who has gone above and beyond expectations. In short, these little tags bring happiness and allow me to say more than "thank you."


  1. Love your tags! Especially the collagy (is that a word?) on the left. Very artsy! Congrats on the blog.

  2. Beautiful tags...and CONGRATS on the new blog! LOVE your background!

  3. Hi, Lee - love your blog and congrats on becoming a member of the Dream Weaver Dream Team! Say hi to all in Santa Fe for me - miss ya'.